Graham’s story

Jan 15, 2019

Many years ago now – when I wore a younger man’s clothes – I had a good mate who was gaoled for cannabis offences. We talked openly about a lot of stuff and so I believe him when he told me he had not used any illicit drugs regularly other than cannabis and magic mushrooms on a couple of occasions.

To cut a long story short – turns out prison guards can readily identify the smell of pot smoke inside. So my mate found pills and smack much more popular and easier to score in this particular Victorian prison at the time. He tried them on a number of occasions and found them very morish.

Upon release he acted on advice he’d received inside and went to a local supermarket where he evidently scored some smack of a higher purity than he was getting inside. He died, alone, on the cold concrete floor of an unsafe injecting room most people know to be a public toilet.

I believe he may never have tried heroin if he hadn’t entered the prison system for cannabis offences.

– Name has been changed. 

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