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Youth detention centres are far too often used as the only avenue for ‘dealing with tricky kids’ and community responses and treatment programs are overlooked.

“For the majority of offenders, detention is not the best way to stop offending behaviour.”

Queensland Government, Youth Justice Strategy

Take Control has a proud history of standing up and leading the charge towards better, safer systems for young Australians. First it was tackling the dangerous drug laws that were furthering harm. Through our work we established landmark pill testing trials, something that has proven again and again that it saves lives.

Following the shameful absence of youth justice issues in the recent federal election, Take Control is setting its efforts towards creating a better, more balance system of youth justice. One that offers less damaging responses to youth crime by improving pathways for community based and per led programs that engage holistically with the issues that drive youth crime including social isolation, drugs and alcohol and problems in the home and at school.

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Diversion – it’s safer, more effective and it costs less than detention

The Ted Noffs Foundation recently conducted a comparative review of the cost and effectiveness of detention and diversion into community treatment programs. The results are summarised in the ‘compare the pair’ diagram below that maps the journey of two identical young Australians that come into contact with the youth justice systems but are offered different options.

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Australia cannot arrest its way out of youth crime. We need a sensible approach that addresses the roots of youth crime.

Diversion to community programs has been shown to be safer, cheaper, and more effective at reducing reoffending. We are calling on our leaders show real leadership by adopting an evidenced based approach of diversion, not detention.

Sign our petition and a copy of the petition will be send to your State/Territory and Federal representative as well as the responsible Ministers for Justice and Youth. The more people who join us, the more powerful we will be.

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To the Prime Minister, Premiers and Chief Ministers,

Our broken drug laws are hurting people. Young people can get drugs easily and don’t know what they are taking. Despite drug dealers being caught every day, more simply replace them. We have an uncontrollable black market run by criminals and gangs.

This is your responsibility to fix. It’s time to get drug use under control by putting health and safety first.

Please support our common sense plan to take control with safer, saner drug laws:

  • Roll out pill testing services nationally to reduce harm at music festivals and parties
  • Expand treatment services for people suffering from drug problems
  • Establish more drug monitoring rooms to save lives and improve communities
  • Enhance engagement services for disadvantaged young people
  • End criminal charges that make getting help harder and ruin young lives for minor possession of illicit drugs

We need to give our kids a better chance. It’s not good enough to put our heads in the sand and tell them to “just say no”.

We need better tools and strategies to help our kids cope with the challenges of modern life.

It’s time to end the fear tactics. It’s time to end the marketing gimmicks. People need real resources to reduce the harms associated with drug use.

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