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We know there is a better way and together we are demanding that leaders Take Control

A 2021 report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare compiled the expert opinions of State and Territory Governments for effective policy responses to youth justice. They found that across Australia, all governments agree that offering alternatives to detention and promoting effective evidence-based intervention/rehabilitation programs to address the offending behaviour are the best ways to reduce youth crime and alarming recidivism rates.

That is not the reality for many young Australians, but it is the reality we want to see.

Take Control is advocating for stronger youth justice diversion pathways for young Australians in the youth justice system. We can do this by:

1. Increasing investment in diversion pathways for young Australians to reduce contact with youth detention centres
2. Encouraging earlier intervention through results-driven and community-based treatment and support services

Evidence-based community and peer programs are the answer. Diversion into programs that form real connection and understanding with young Australians in the early and mid-stages of offending are proven to work. A recent study of the Noffs Foundation PALM program found a 62% reduction in offending post-treatment compared with a 26% reduction in offending post detention (national average). Additionally, these sorts of programs are more cost effective at roughly one third the cost of detention.
This campaign is not advocating that all young offenders should avoid detention – indeed there are cases in which detention is the appropriate response. But we firmly believe that there are many cases in which diversion to a treatment program is more effective than detention.
We know there is a better way – a safer, stronger youth justice system for all Australians.

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Australia cannot arrest its way out of youth crime. We need a sensible approach that addresses the roots of youth crime. Diversion to community programs has been shown to be safer, cheaper, and more effective at reducing reoffending. We are calling on our leaders show real leadership by adopting an evidenced based approach of diversion, not detention.

Sign our petition and a copy of the petition will be send to your State/Territory and Federal representative as well as the responsible Ministers for Justice and Youth.

The more people who join us, the more powerful we will be.