Christian’s story

Oct 24, 2018
Christian's Story

The war on drugs…. I’m never exactly sure how to write these things up so let’s give this a go. I think it’s important to start with me; for me at least, I used to be one of those guys that just thought “why would anybody do drugs?” Or “people should just say no”. That all changed however when I fell into my own addiction. My drug of choice, ice.

I’ve gone through two big stages of my addiction, both times I’ve managed to quit without the help of or telling anyone. I guess the law has a lot to blame for that part. You see, the problem with the law is, no matter what light you look at it in, at the end of the day people like me are nothing more than ‘addicts’ or ‘junkies’. Throughout my addiction I’ve managed to keep a job, somehow managed to balance what seemed like a normal life to everyone else, I’m nothing more than a ‘junkie’ or ‘criminal’ under the law.

For me, that’s been one of the biggest battles. You simply don’t know who to turn to, who to trust. What if the people you think are your friends or family look at you in a different way after it? It’s hard. Then you go online. Read the comments people say after a tragic overdose. ‘he deserved it’ or ‘he shouldn’t have taken it’. In a perfect world, yes. But we don’t live in a perfect world and people take drugs for any number of reasons, and those attitudes, mostly made by our failed government laws and campaigns such as the lies in “ice destroys lives”, continue to shape public option about us.

As I said at the start, I’m never really good at writing these up and I’m not exactly sure where to go from here. I could probably write about this all day, sadly, so I’ll just finish this up here for now. Anyway, thanks for the work you guys do, I hope this bit of my story helps. Regards, Christian

– Name has been changed.

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