MEDIA RELEASE: Shift to health & safety: Removing criminal sanctions for personal use will save lives

Press Releases | Nov 1, 2019

The Take Control national campaign for safer, saner drug laws has welcomed reports of potential Ice Inquiry recommendations to make sweeping changes in favour of a health-approach to drugs, including removing criminal sanctions for personal use.

Take Control campaign spokesperson and CEO of Ted Noffs Foundation Matt Noffs said: “The most important consideration in public policy must be community safety and health, and our current drug laws hurt people. Removing criminal sanctions for personal use will save lives.

“The hard truth is that decades of a punitive approach where we arrest people who actually need healthcare has not worked. We need to get drugs under control with doctors not detectives.

“It is the responsibility of government to get drug use ‘under control’ and reduce harm. For too long we have left drugs to a black market run by criminals and gangs. Enough is enough. It’s time to take control by putting health and safety first,” Mr Noffs said.

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