MEDIA RELEASE: Coroner confirms Premier must take control of drug laws to save lives this summer

Press Releases | Nov 8, 2019

The Take Control campaign for safer, saner drug laws is urging the NSW Government for immediate reform to prevent deaths over the summer, after the NSW Coroner’s findings on music festival deaths recommended immediate pill testing trials in time for this festival season, removing criminal sanctions for personal use and other health-related measures to prevent fatalities from drug use.

Take Control spokesperson and Ted Noffs Foundation CEO Matt Noffs said, “The Premier now has overwhelming evidence for pill testing and for a major health intervention in drug policy. It’s now her responsibility to do everything she can to save lives over the summer.”

Former federal police commissioner and Take Control spokesperson Mick Palmer said governments must start treating drug use as a health issue if they want to reduce harm.

“Locking people up who actually need healthcare doesn’t get the drug issue under control. If we are to help people, we need to rethink our approach. The coroner has presented a compelling fact-based argument for a different and more effective approach,” said Mr Palmer.

“Heavy police presence at music festivals does not prevent drug use. It only makes individuals less likely to exercise caution. Today’s findings confirm this and map out a path to safer drug laws.”

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