Make festivals safer with pill testing

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Sign the open letter for pill testing in NSW

Our drug laws are hurting people. We’ve seen too many lives needlessly lost at festivals. Young people can get drugs easily and don’t know what they are taking.

We’re asking Premier Berejiklian to listen to the evidence and reconsider her opposition to pill testing. It’s time to put health and safety first.

Sign our open letter for pill testing in NSW. The more people who join the call, the more powerful we will be.

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To Premier Berejiklian,

As you know, another young person has died at a live music event. I think you agree this is getting out of control.

The health and safety of all young people living in NSW should be our first and foremost priority.

The government can do more to protect young lives from the inevitable harms associated with illicit drugs.

We know you don’t like the idea of pill testing. However, we are asking you to listen to the international evidence, the success of the trial in the ACT, doctors, academics and health workers.

After reviewing the evidence, you may decide that there are less politically risky options to take – that’s your prerogative. But above all, we ask that you listen to the science and the majority of Australians first. NSW wants you to consider pill testing at every festival.

Your government can take control of this issue through safer, saner drug laws and roll out pill testing services across NSW.